Local marketing ideas

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Local marketing ideas

Every entrepreneur is faced with the issues of marketing. The area of marketing is not just a simple issue, it is a matter of survival in the world where online marketing has primary role. But, as a matter of fact local marketing is still something every entrepreneur should pay attention to, for the reason of attaining regular customers/ users of the services. Online advertising may be easy way to promote your business, but some customers are not aware of those adds, and best way to keep them, or to draw others that fit that model is to use the art of local marketing. Here are some ideas of cheap and good local marketing.

cartao-de-visita-com-arte-final-entrega-cartao-de-visitaIn the event that you have slept for the last 100 years there are things called business cards, and they can be given to anyone. But those cards can’t be given to random people, you have to use them wisely and handshakes and basic introduction skills are what you need in that occasion. If you see a possible customer, go and introduce yourself and give him/her your business card. Even if that person doesn’t fit to your customer demand, they might meet other people who would fit, and basic introduction will not harm you in any way, and it can bring you a lot.


You will not survive by yourself only, if you run a small business. Sooner you realize that better it will be. The idea of cross promotion between two or more small and local businesses is nothing new, as the matter of fact it is old concept forgotten and rarely used today. Create a form of special certificate which other businesses can pass out to their customers, you will probably be required to do the same in return.
Don’t overburden yourself with too many of these cross promotions, due to the fact that having to give every customer 6 or 7 different certificates may end in the loss of those customers ( they might not like the idea of needing to carry the bag every time they come to use your services ).

If an occasion allows you to participate in the event where you provide your services to people that are not your customers, go a step further and give them cards that promise discounts on your services that can be redeemed in the future. Some of those people may redeem them, and some of those that do, will eventually end up as your regulars. This marketing idea is good on both short and long term. In short term you will get a big influx of one time customers, and on the long term some of them will come back again, once or more times.

Marketing ideas

Owning small business should not present you with an obstacle of thinking small. Expanding business to large scale may not be possible, but expanding it but by bit through smart marketing on multiple levels is a mighty fine way to keep the growth of your business on steady pace.