How Web Design Affects SEO

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When deciding on your website design, there are several important aspects that need to be considered more than the aesthetics. You also need to take into account whether an attractive site will be more intuitive to explore and make sure that it will work across numbers of devices without making mobile internet surfers experience and feel being left out.

Another more complex task is to make sure that the website is going to work well with search engines and will be easier for Google’s robot to index. There are times that flashy designs can look great but these can somehow affect your chance of getting high rankings. This simply means that web designs somehow affect your website’s SEO.

If you think the Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a completely separate entity in your web presence, you are actually making a costly mistake with your site and your marketing techniques. Each and every aspect of a powerful online brand is intensely intertwined with particular related elements. Contents obviously play a big role so as the development and design of any given site.

As the design trends tend to come and go, it is the duty of marketers and designers alike to question impacts of these style options on page ranking. After all, the design trends are said to be temporary while strong web presence acquired with the help of SEO is something that website owners need to establish in the long run.

If you want to clearly understand how web designs affect SEO, the following are well known web designs and their impacts on SEO:

  • Parallax Design

This design means building your entire site in a single page. This is definitely striking and unique,  especially when combined with fun backgrounds that make use of unique structure jumping down to particular points of the page. This is effective for contest page or company home page, but the question is, does it really work for SEO?

With all contents on a single page, you are actually risk diluting impacts of numerous keywords and can be difficult for Google to determine what to make with all those varied contents. There will be few pages to rank and this can also be one major drawback. However, this still depends on the nature of the website.

  • Infinite Scrolls

If you love the idea of putting all your exclusive contents on one page but you still want to allow your website to load instantly, consider taking a page out of Twitter and Facebook’s book and use Infinite Scrolls. This simply means that contents will appear as users scroll down. These designs are great for quick browsing but what does it really do for SEO?

Search engine spiders will not be able to scroll up to the bottom of the page like ordinary users triggering request for more contents and waiting to retrieve contents for indexation. Therefore, web pages using Infinite scrolls would by default, serve search engine spiders only the results of the first page and nothing more.

This simply means that plenty of great contents might not be seen by search engine especially if there is no mechanism to act as path for contents. Contents only become visible through infinite scrolls and would not therefore make it to the respective result listings of search engines.

You really need to consider the impacts of your design choices on SEO but more importantly, you should aim to deliver great experience to all your visitors. Think about the web design that best suits the purpose of your site.

Guest post by Charles Lancor from Boost Rank SEO

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